Cries in happiness they’re going to make beautiful babies.

Doombringer and Demon are going to make beautiful children. I just need to get iri on Demon and they will be perfect. Also finally smoke babies.

Me two days ago: Wow I need more fish for my lair I’m running out.

Me today, after two days in the Coli: I am drowning in fish send help









Out of curiosity’s sake: Would you mind reblogging this with your flight and HP house?

e.g.; I’m Wind flight and a Hufflepuff!

Light Flight and Hufflepuff.

Shadow Flight, Gryffindor :P 

Lightning Flight, Slytherin

Earth Flight, Gryffindor

Fire Flight and Ravenclaw

Fire and Ravenclaw!

Plague, Slytherin.

Water, Slytherin

Aaaah my new team is all decked out I can’t wait to get Ivy leveled to 10 and farm the delta for eggs this time. It feels like I’m always in that area c r i e s.


Lightning Bane





Haha I just noticed that they all have circuit help I may have a problem…

And LightningBane is the only one without shimmer because he looks so good with freckle I couldn’t help it.

Current goal: have a coli team of nothing but coatls.

Mostly because I have so many battle items that I can completely redo pretty much any dragon I want. 

You know, I thought last month’s holiday was bad, this one takes the cake.

I’ve been getting shit for drops this time around. :/

I love the bird skull apparel, but it bugs me that it doesn’t have anything for the tails. 

And very few things look good with it I just…

She’s oddly pretty with this accent. I sorta wish there were genes to do this!!